Monthly Pastor Message

Dear Fellow Redeemed,

I am grateful for the privilege of being your pastor since January 2008. It is my prayer that you continue to walk with Jesus in sharing his love and grace. We have experienced the decline of membership, the closing of our school and the birth of a new school on our campus. We have also experienced the gift of a $100,000 grant from the city, a new ball field dedicated to Rev. Dr. David and Judy Joeckel, a partnership with the YMCA on our field, and having our field in use six days a week.

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So the question is begs asking, where are we headed? The way I would answer this question is first of all we are following the will and way of God at Grace which means we are in the Word of God and praying for his guidance. Secondly, the Board of Directors is leading during the transition with the Board of Elders and Ministry Team meeting the daily needs of the congregation. For example, if we have a member in the hospital, Serena and Micah would visit this person; the elders and volunteers will visit the homebound, Pastor Sabir will preach on Sunday, and I will volunteer to do all funerals and weddings from January 9 to May 31. If the new pastor comes before May 31, (we pray he does) then I will gracefully celebrate his pastorate at Grace.

The second question that begs asking is what is the responsibility of the members during the transition? First of all, you are invited to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead Grace through this period of transition, pray for the leadership of Grace, and communicate with the leadership in a timely manner on any concerns and suggestions. Second, volunteer where you see a need. Third, share the love of Jesus with fellow members and with our community as you "Bring the Hope of Christ to our Community."

Grace is a good church and God has ministry for us to do because the fields are white for the harvest. Christmas is a great time to invite a friend, coworker, neighbor or family member to hear the Christmas story from your experience as a follower of Jesus. I would encourage you to invest and invite people to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

May the babe in Bethlehem, who came into our world to save humanity from sin, give you peace, patience and kindness during the month of December and beyond.

A fellow follower of Jesus,

Pastor Hildebrandt